You Hide, I Seek

Hide & Seek
Petak Umpet (Hide and Seek) is a kind of children traditional games who inherited, the game can be played by at least two people but if there are more and more participants it will be more exciting.

The game begins with determining one child to be "Kucing (cat)", the term given to the child who plays looking for his friends were hiding. "Kucing" is usually determined by drawing called "Hompimpa", which is using open or close palms where children show different palms was named the winner. “Kucing” had closed his eyes and face the wall, a tree, or whatever so he would not see when his friends move to hide. Walls or trees into a guard has different term in each region, in some areas in Jakarta there is a call INGLO, bur there are also areas called BON or HONG.

Closing his eyes, “Kucing” is counting loudly. The number counting differently according to the agreement, but it is usually up to 10. In the open area or a wider ground counts can reach 20 or more. After the count completed and all the hiding, “Kucing” start in action to looking for his friends. If he finds his friend, he would call his name and also touching INGLO, if only the name was call without touching INGLO, “Kucing” is considered lost and the game restarted from the beginning.

To make the game even more exciting there's that offers varied game. While “Kucing” was trying to find a hiding children, there are children who have not been found trying to gravitate toward INGLO. If successful touching INGLO, all participants who had been found and status as a "hostage" will be released and the game restarted again.

The game is complete after all the participants found and there is agreement that the child who found first will be the next “Kucing”.

There is one more term in this game, which is called "Kebakaran (fire)". This term refers to an incident where one of the participants discovered by “Kucing” because it was told by the other participants that had already recovered from the hideout. However, this usually does not impact anything into the games.